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Building a brighter future for payments

InsurePay® is the leading payment platform for insurance that transforms the way Carriers, Agents, MGAs and Policyholders collect, send and reconcile payments.


Who we are

The Nexus of Payments and Data in Insurance

At InsurePay, we are at the forefront of transforming the insurance payment landscape by integrating seamless payment processing with insightful data analytics. Our mission is to streamline financial transactions across the insurance industry, serving carriers, managing general agents (MGAs), agencies, and their policyholders with unparalleled efficiency and security.

Our Vision

To empower the insurance sector with innovative payment solutions that facilitate operational efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the overall experience for all stakeholders.

What we do

Innovative Payment Solutions

Pay-as-You-Go Workers’ Comp Billing

Streamline premium calculations with our flagship service that links premiums directly with live payroll data, improving accuracy and cash flow.

Premium Collection

Streamline how premiums are collected with flexible, secure options that cater to policyholder needs, ensuring efficiency, reliability and customer satisfaction.


Streamline commissions, vendor payments, claims settlements, agency to carrier payments and more, ensuring fast, transparent, and secure transactions.


Eliminate hours of manual cross-checking, reduce errors, and ensure that financial statements are accurate and up-to-date.

Pathing the way to success

Our Leadership

Adam Beck

President & Chief Executive Officer

Michael Carus


George Kostakos

Chief Partnerships Officer

Scott Van Slyck

Chief Revenue Officer

Mike Senechal

Executive Vice President of Payments

Capital partners

The InsurePay Difference

Why Companies Choose InsurePay?

Security and Reliability

We prioritize the security of all transactions, employing state-of-the-art technology to protect sensitive information and ensure reliable payment processing.

Customer-Centric Approach

At InsurePay, we listen to our clients and tailor our services to meet their unique business needs. We believe in building partnerships that foster growth and success.

Innovation and Expertise

With a team of experts dedicated to exploring and implementing cutting-edge solutions, InsurePay remains a leader in the insurance payment industry.

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