PAY-AS-YOU-GO Workers' Compensation Program
for Payroll Relief Providers

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InsurePay™ offers AccountsWorld Payroll Relief providers a TRUE “Pay-As-You-Go” workers’ compensation solution for both current and prospective clients. The program enables businesses to pay their premiums each pay period based on actual payroll rather than using the “best guess” approach of estimating annual payroll figures in advance. InsurePay™ is a much smarter alternative to traditional payment programs, as it allows business owners to reduce or eliminate down payments and/or security deposits and minimize year-end “Audit Anxiety” (the unnecessary stress associated with waiting for final premium reconciliation and billing).

Bring Value to your Clients


Save Your Clients
Money and Anxiety

Most payroll professionals understand the importance of providing their clients with the most advanced, accurate premium calculation and collection software available.  InsurePay uses net rates (based on carrier established pricing) for each class code to calculate premium using all identified wage types.  It then automatically invoices, collects and remits premium payments to carriers on predetermined timelines.

InsurePay Gives Clients
Peace of Mind

With the AccountantsWorld integrated software solution, our ease of processing is an asset to users of all levels. We value your time and therefore designed InsurePay to calculate and collect all premiums. We also provide real time access to view client payroll and premium comparisons, as well as premium schedules and amounts paid for each pay cycle.

Benefits & Key Features

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Multiple Carriers, One Process.

You send payroll to InsurePay the same way each time, InsurePay handles the rest.

Simple Payroll Reporting.

The InsurePay/AccountantsWorld Integration allows Payroll Relief Users to automatically send payroll information each time they run payroll.

Work with Any Agent.

InsurePay is not an insurance agency so we don’t force your client to place coverage through an in-house agency. You and your client can work with any agent you like.

Your Clients Will Love You.

Little or no down payment, minimized audit surprises and easy billing make for very happy clients year-after-year.

We Want to Help You Grow.

InsurePay’s free online partner locator displays your firm’s contact information for policyholders searching for a new payroll service.

Need Help?

We’ve Got Your Back. You don’t have to be an insurance, software or payroll expert to offer PayGo. InsurePay is here to help you and your staff get up and running quickly and will help out when you need it throughout the years.
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Video Demonstration of Insured Integration

Get Started!

Register Your Firm

Registration is absolutely free and typically takes 5 minutes or less to complete. As a registered user, you’ll have a secure login to access client information, and enable clients to select your firm during policy enrollment

Market Pay-As-You-Go

View or Download the Marketing Flier to foster interest with your clients.

To Download the White Label Version
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Submit Payroll Each Pay

After a client has identified your firm as their Payroll Provider and the policy becomes active you will receive an email notification to begin transmitting payroll. Whenever you process payroll for that client, you’re simply submitting payroll data to InsurePay.

Partnership Support & Contacts

For More Information or Questions About the AccountantsWorld/InsurePay Program, please contact:

InsurePay Sales


T: 866.951.5469 ext. 25253
For Customer Support & Service, please feel free to reach out to us at anytime:


T: 866.951.5469 Option 2