The end-to-end payment platform for Carriers

InsurePay delivers a centralized platform for Carriers, streamlining premium collections, claims payouts, commissions, and seamless reconciliation—all in one place.

Why Carriers choose InsurePay


InsurePay offers a unique confluence of solutions tailored just for carriers. It’s not just about streamlining payments; it’s about creating an ecosystem where carriers, MGAs,
agents, and policyholders coexist seamlessly, enhancing the overall experience for every stakeholder.

Back office automation

Back Office Automation

Automate your processes to reduce friction and operational costs.

Premium & Policy Growth

Improve policyholder satisfaction, align premium to risk, and increase renewal rates.

Optimized Distribution & Accuracy

Ensure funds reach the right place promptly and precisely while enhancing accuracy in transactions.

Improved Underwriting

Improved Underwriting

Leverage real-time data and risk analysis enabling
carriers to make more informed decisions.

InsurePay for Carriers – Modules

InsurePay Carrier Modules

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InsurePay is delivering real-time payroll, real-time payments, and a real-time reconciliation.  All driving better outcomes for Carriers.  

The path to smarter insurance payments