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InsurePay Corporate Retreat 2024- Sedona, AZ

 At the end of January, 2024, the InsurePay team converged on Sedona, AZ to partake in the first ever InsurePay corporate retreat! This was a chance for all the different teams to get together and meet face-to-face, as well as enjoy each other’s company on various excursions and team building exercises. It was also an […]

Defining trust: the essence of belief and reliability”

Without trust, navigating a virtual workplace can be difficult. To put it simply, trust enables success by facilitating communication. Likewise, knowledge sharing sets the team up for effective cooperation and collaboration. We know that trust builds more slowly in virtual workplaces than face-to-face due to asynchronous communication (e.g., email, document sharing, etc.) Society for Human […]

Creating a balance between work and home as a remote employee

Keeping your work life and your home life separate is paramount when working from home. Creating a balance between work and home can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be! InsurePay employees weigh in with some fantastic ideas… Sarah Brinton tries to go on a walk before the workday, and during her lunch. It […]

InsurePay Pay-It-forward

InsurePay Pay-it-forward team

Pay-It-Forward InsurePay Pay-It-Forward, one of InsurePay’s new programs for 2023, encourages employees to support volunteer activities that enhance and serve the communities in which they live. Employees can volunteer for a cause, charity, or activity of their choice, individually or together with other company members, customers, partners, vendors, retired workers, or board members. The lives […]

Engaging Remote Employees

Remote Employee Engagement

Engaging Remote Employees Employee engagement is crucial in an online work environment. So crucial in fact, that it plays a key role in a company’s success. Employee engagement directly affects employee productivity, retention, and innovation, and helps to increase customer satisfaction and profitability. According to Everyone Social, “Employee engagement improves work culture, reduces turnover, increases […]

Navigating a career path remotely

Career Tools

Navigating a career path remotely Over the past few years, many of us have experienced the conveniences and challenges that come with working remotely. While some companies have begun returning to traditional office settings, others have opted to remain remote. These remote companies fit into two categories: remote first, and remote friendly.   Remote First […]

Becoming a unified team after an acquisition

Becoming a unified team after an acquisition Creating a unified front after any company merger or acquisition is no small feat. Especially when the workplace is virtual. HALPERN & SCROM recommend “When integrating two entities, employers must keep in mind that they are creating one team with one goal. Treating the employees of each entity […]

Celebrating InsurePay 2022 Successes

Celebrating InsurePay Successes

Celebrating InsurePay 2022 Successes As we all know, small team gatherings can make a big impact. This certainly rang true for the InsurePay 2022 Celebration on January 26. With over 80% of the company in attendance, all departments and teams were well represented as we celebrated closing out a successful 2022. First, and foremost, a […]

These are our people. This is our culture.

Team culture

These are our people. This is our culture. Finding the right balance between attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors can be tricky. However, that’s exactly what a work culture is. When employee behavior and company policy align with the goals of the business, you have tapped into the best of both worlds and created a balanced work […]

Welcome Aboard: Onboarding with InsurePay

Insurepay Onboarding

Welcome Aboard: Onboarding at InsurePay Starting a new career can be overwhelming. Moreso when the environment is virtual. In fact, according to FinancesOnline, 62% of businesses have determined that integrating employees into the corporate culture has become their top objective in 2021/2022.  At InsurePay we try to make the transition as comfortable as possible. Aside […]