InsurePay® Claims

InsurePay® Claims streamlines payments between carriers and their policyholders. With InsurePay, payments are made on time, every time—without concern about lost checks or missing statements.

Policyholders only need to provide their email address or mobile phone number during the claim process. In turn, they will receive an email with your company’s branding with a link to easily deposit their claims payment in a matter of hours.

InsurePay® Claims eliminates

  • In field checks
  • Stale dated checks
  • The need to gather customer bank account information
  • Uncertainty over deposit date
  • Internal development expenses

InsurePay® Claims streamlines your Claims Payment Process

  • Approval: Payments can be initiated in field and approved centrally
  • Certainty: No more re-issuance due to stale dated checks
  • Notifications: Customers receive notifications customized by insurer
  • Speed: Customers can deposit funds by accessing email or text message
  • Deployment: Can be done in a matter of weeks, not months

Insurers of all sizes can benefit

  • Personal or business claim payments
  • On the spot issuance by adjusters
  • No need to obtain or maintain a bank account number of claimant
  • Claimant can access payment in hours
  • Simplified reconciliation for accounting
  • Reduce unnecessary costs

Payments made same or next day

  • Full or partial claim settlements
  • Single payee claimants
  • Personal or commercial customers
  • Give brokers confidence that claims will be dealt with quickly
  • Funds move directly from insurers account to the claimants
  • Claimants get instant access to funds, no hold period by their bank

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