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Seamless Claims payments for Carriers

InsurePay® Claims enables carriers to streamline their claims payment process, ensuring timely, efficient, and branded payments without the hitches of lost checks or misdirected funds.

Streamlined claims

Initiate claims payments anywhere through a simple e-mail or text, eliminating paper checks.

Same day payments

Pay out claims settlements on the same or following day, with no hold periods for your customers.


Customers are kept in the loop with insurer-customized notifications, bolstering confidence and transparency.

Simple implementation

Implement InsurePay® Claims in just weeks, not months, saving on internal development expenses.

How it works

Getting started is easy

Our platform offers a user-friendly and seamless implementation and integration experience, enabling carriers to enter the market swiftly and effortlessly.

1. Initiation & approval

In the dynamic landscape of insurance, adjusters initiate payment processes while out in the field. These transactions are then meticulously sent for centralized approval, ensuring both agility and oversight in the claims process.

2. Branded notifications

Upon approval, the claimant is greeted with a professionally branded email or text message. This communication not only notifies them about their forthcoming payment but also reinforces your brand’s commitment to a seamless experience.

3. Effortless direct deposit

Claimants are empowered with an intuitive, easy-to-access link. A simple click, and they can effortlessly deposit their claims payment, eliminating the need for exhaustive bank details or cumbersome processes.

4. Streamlined reconciliation

For insurers, the post-payment process is just as crucial. With InsurePay® Claims, reconciliation is not only straightforward but also efficient, guaranteeing that every transaction is diligently accounted for and documented.

Automate your process

Why Carriers choose InsurePay Claims

Eliminate payment barriers

Say goodbye to in-field checks, stale-dated checks, gathering bank details, and deposit date ambiguities.

Enhanced speed & certainty

Payments initiated in-field, approved centrally, and claimants gain access to funds within hours—without bank hold periods.

Simplified operations

Whether it’s immediate issuance by adjusters or streamlined reconciliation, operational efficiency is at its peak.

Trust & transparency

Give brokers and policyholders confidence with direct, quick transfers from insurer accounts, ensuring claims are settled promptly.

Our partners

Seamless integrations

In today’s fast-paced insurance industry, a fluid connection between systems isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity. Recognizing this critical need, our platform has been meticulously designed to offer seamless integrations with the most reputable and widely-used insurance systems in the market.