Becoming a unified team after an acquisition

Creating a unified front after any company merger or acquisition is no small feat. Especially when the workplace is virtual. HALPERN & SCROM recommend “When integrating two entities, employers must keep in mind that they are creating one team with one goal. Treating the employees of each entity differently creates a mindset of “Them vs. Us,” which causes a divide and prevents collaboration.” What has InsurePay done to ensure their teams’ success throughout the recent acquisitions?



Integrating the Teams

It all started with setting up an integration team, developing a timeline, and enlisting some outside help. Cynthia, a senior strategist and storyteller with The Goodness Collaborative, came on board to facilitate the process of integrating employees by hosting an “All Company Vision Session” followed by a company-wide event.



Engaging Employees

The vision session consisted of a series of townhall meetings, followed by anonymous surveys. This laid the groundwork for the company-wide event, by gauging employees’ feelings, thoughts, and concerns regarding the impending merger. Later, a company-wide event brought employees from each company together in a virtual week-long team building environment. Group discussions, surveys, one – on – one interviews, as well as whole company discussions played a key role in the success of unifying the individual teams. Allowing for employees to get to know one another, discuss the transition openly, and take part in the process rather than watching from the sideline.


Making Progress

During the company-wide event, a shared vision based on mutual values was built. The framework for a new organizational chart was uncovered, and a post-acquisition product roadmap was formulated. Prospects were identified, product capabilities were examined, account management and partnerships were discussed, and a plan was formulated to create a set of best practices. A timeline for the migration of shared mailboxes and other product related dependencies was also set.


Continued Communications

Following the merger of the companies, leadership has continued to keep employees abreast of all changes and things going on within InsurePay as a whole. Employees and department teams are often asked for feedback. Including: ways to improve performance, the InsurePay product, and employee satisfaction. Continued efforts to foster team building have also been ongoing. One of the most notable efforts has been “Conversations In…”. This is a monthly activity that pairs employees for 15 minute one-on-one video chats. This is an opportunity for employees to get to know one another, learn about other departments and projects, as well as build interpersonal relationships. 


 Maintaining communication has proven to be an invaluable asset in becoming a unified team.


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