Celebrating InsurePay 2022 Successes

As we all know, small team gatherings can make a big impact. This certainly rang true for the InsurePay 2022 Celebration on January 26. With over 80% of the company in attendance, all departments and teams were well represented as we celebrated closing out a successful 2022.

First, and foremost, a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in making 2022 such a great year for InsurePay. A special thanks to Sarah Brinton for organizing the celebratory event, and to Adam Beck for providing the facts and figures, as well as the prospects and hope for an even better 2023.

Celebrating InsurePay Successes

Highlights from 2022

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”
– Henry David Thoreau.


  • Payments – Total processing volume was up 50% year over year!
  • Payables – Total number of payments by volume was up 40% year over year!


  • 106 social media posts; 27,435 social media clicks
  • 21 videos published; 7114 video views
  • 26 blogs published
  • 6 press releases published & 4 press articles written about InsurePay
  • 5 websites Consolidated into two languages
  • Products Launched: Premium Payments; Credit Cards in Pay-as-you-go

Technology Development

  • 23 Major Releases in 2022
  • Applied Epic and Vertafore Integrations

Customer Success

  • Delivered 2000 hours of support
  • 25,000 tickets resolved
  • High customer satisfaction rating

People & Culture

  • EOS roll out company-wide
  • Core values, purpose, and unique niche defined
  • 15 new hires

Cheers to an even brighter 2023!

Thinking about moving to a remote-first company? Be sure to keep an eye on InsurePay’s Career page for openings – we want you to join our remote first organization! 

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