Keeping your work life and your home life separate is paramount when working from home. Creating a balance between work and home can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be!  

InsurePay employees weigh in with some fantastic ideas…

Sarah Brinton tries to go on a walk before the workday, and during her lunch. It helps to clear her head. When ending the workday, she makes an effort to clean up her desk. It helps her get into a routine of ending working from home and starting an evening of lounging from home! 

walking for a work break

Peter Butera sets alarms on his computer. This helps him to remember to take breaks and lunches. He also has alarms set on his phone to remind him when its time to come back to work. He has a dedicated workspace that he tries not to use when he’s not working. This allows him to mentally separate home life and work life within a shared space.  

computer alerts to take breaks

Karrie Warner also has a designated workspace. When necessary, she closes the door, allowing her to focus without distraction. She also keeps the same morning routine, as if she was going to an office. The traffic can be brutal when her dogs get in the way! However, she tries to maintain the same routine each day, by sticking to a schedule and keeping her lunches, breaks, start and end times the same each day.  

dedicated workspace for remote work from home

Jim Cunliffe embraces the chaos! He notes that it is much easier once the kids are all grown and moved out! He prefers not to stick to a schedule, keeping break times completely irregular. He does get random coffee cravings, so he uses that time to stretch his legs. Now and then, his dog will also request his attention, and he sees this as a welcome respite from the task at hand. His lunches tend to be irregular, but he tries to take them around noon to avoid spoiling dinner. He also keeps a separate working space, and utilizes background music to help him stay focused!  

irregular schedule for remote work

Sarah Penrose states that work and home are two separate places for her, and a separate workspace is a must. She also tries to keep everything as organized as possible, and always does at least 30 minutes of cardio at lunchtime. This helps to keep her awake and alert for the remainder of the day, as well as relieving any stress that may have accumulated in the first half of the day.  

30 minutes of cardio for work from home break

Stephanie Finerfrock has a dedicated and quiet space to keep distraction to a minimum, and she also tries to stick to a schedule for her breaks and lunches. She always tries to have something scheduled for after work, typically going to the gym, to feel like she’s “leaving” work. 

hard stop time for your work day

To recap, there are many ways you can maintain a balance between work and home, when working from home. Our team finds the following to be most helpful! 

  1. Go on walks to help manage stress. 
  1. Clean up your desk at the end of the day – a good routine to help tell your brain, we are done today. 
  1. Set alarms to remind you to take a break – especially a lunch break (food is fuel)! 
  1. If you can, have a dedicated workspace that you try to only use during work hours – it will mentally separate home life and work life within a shared space. 
  1. Have a morning routine as if you were going into an office – pets may be the new obstacle that gets in the way of starting the workday! 
  1. Stick to a routine each day that includes a start time, lunch break, and end time. 
  1. If a craving for coffee or a snack hits you – use it as a good time to stretch your legs. Also – the dog barking may be a good excuse to get outside for a moment for some fresh air! 
  1. Use music to help focus – Spotify has great study/focus music that makes for great background noise. 
  1. Stay organized! 
  1. Cardio can help relieve stress – even a quick walk around the block can help. 
  1. Try and have your dedicated workspace be a quiet space to help from getting distracted. 
  1. Have something scheduled after work – like “go to the gym” or “go to the grocery store” to help make it feel like you are leaving work.  


How do you maintain the balance and stay focused? 

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