Why is workplace culture so important, and what are we doing to foster the best possible culture here at InsurePay?

The best way to define workplace culture is as the character and personality of a business. Who we are – Including our values, beliefs, behaviors, goals, attitudes, and work practices.

Why is it important to maintain a positive culture within our business?

Positive workplace culture creates job satisfaction, enhances work performance, and increases employee retention. This is done by reducing employee stress, improving teamwork, raising morale, and boosting the over-all efficiency and production of the workforce.

Culture Committee Impact

To foster the best possible culture, InsurePay has created its’ very own Culture Committee!

The goal is to unify InsurePay as a team and incorporate our values into our culture.

InsurePay’s Culture Committee meets via a recurring 1-hour Zoom meeting, to recommend and help implement activities and practices to cultivate a unified culture focused on InsurePay’s core values.

IP-Core Values-Infographic-800

Committee Membership will include an Executive sponsor, Facilitators, and Committee members. There will be 4 committee members, with each department equally represented. Members will serve a 6-month term. Every 6 months a new group of team members will be on the committee. A person can be on the committee multiple times, but not consecutive terms. If there is a shortage of volunteers to join the committee for a new cycle, committee Facilitators will invite new potential members to join.

Culture committee purpose

Thanks for taking time to learn about another way that InsurePay is putting our core values into action and making our company attract and retain the best of the best in InsureTech!

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