Engaging Remote Employees

Employee engagement is crucial in an online work environment. So crucial in fact, that it plays a key role in a company’s success. Employee engagement directly affects employee productivity, retention, and innovation, and helps to increase customer satisfaction and profitability. According to Everyone Social, “Employee engagement improves work culture, reduces turnover, increases productivity, builds better work and customer relationships, and affects profits. High employee engagement also turns workers into your best advocates.”

What Employee Engagement Looks Like

Not to be confused with employee satisfaction, employee engagement goes beyond just making sure employees are satisfied. Unfortunately, many satisfied employees lack the enthusiasm to put in any extra effort needed to meet goals, and they may still be willing to leave your organization. Whereas, engaged employees are not only satisfied, but they are also focused on the improvement of the organization. This can take the form of new idea development, interpersonal or inter-departmental assistance efforts, or even process improvement ideas.


Common Characteristics of Engaged Employees

Factors That Influence and Encourage Employee Engagement

There are several factors that not only contribute to, but also influence and encourage employee engagement. For example, companies that utilize clear communications often have higher levels of employee engagement. This is also true of companies that adapt their training processes to best suit their employee’s strengths. By encouraging growth and skill building, companies can influence engagement is by giving employees a sense of purpose, commitment, and belonging. Employees who feel they can build their skills and grow professionally will likely feel more committed and motivated.

Effects of Employee Engagement

Not only does employee engagement promote health and happiness for employees, it affects the business as a whole. In fact, companies reap tremendous benefits from having highly engaged employees. Benefits including: stronger interdepartmental teams, clear and open lines of communication, increased profitability, lower rates of absenteeism, improved employee retention, greater employee focus, improved customer loyalty, and increased innovation.

According to Business.com, “remote workers regularly meet and exceed objectives, identify new processes, and contribute to company culture just as much as anyone in a traditional brick-and-mortar setting. In fact, they tend to accomplish more.”

Many businesses are undecided on whether remote work is the right choice for them. At InsurePay, we believe that all things are possible. Your workforce is what you put into it. The more you engage your remote employees, the better the outcome and the more likely that a remote work life will fit the needs of your organization!

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