Welcome Aboard: Onboarding at InsurePay

Starting a new career can be overwhelming. Moreso when the environment is virtual. In fact, according to FinancesOnline, 62% of businesses have determined that integrating employees into the corporate culture has become their top objective in 2021/2022. 

At InsurePay we try to make the transition as comfortable as possible. Aside from all of the friendly new faces and virtual “water- cooler chat, new hires are provided with a welcome gift. A swag bag, if you will, complete with a welcome letter and the most ridiculously comfortable hoodie. 


Welcome to the Team!

InsurePay Onboarding Gear

While the idea of a virtual workplace may seem unconventional, it definitely has its perks. Our culture committee is dedicated to engaging employees with fun games and discussions in our online social chat room. 

Here, employees often use their InsurePay swag to connect and build our culture as a remote team. Posting photos of all the fun places they visit, and sights they see while wearing their InsurePay tees and hoodies. 

Whether it’s visiting tradeshows, goat yoga, play time with puppies, even hiking the great West, we wear our logo proudly.  


We aren't just employees. We ARE InsurePay


The next question is, once you’ve joined us, where will you wear your InsurePay gear? 


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