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How InsurePay transformed Merit Insurance Brokers

Merit Insurance Brokers, established in 1981, has experienced remarkable growth over the years, evolving from a small insurance brokerage to a mid-size player in the industry. Carolyn Vickers, the Chief Operating Officer, has been with Merit Insurance Brokers since 1989 and has played a pivotal role in its development and modernization.

Challenges Faced by Merit Insurance Brokers

Before implementing InsurePay, Merit Insurance Brokers faced several challenges. The process of creating monthly statements and issuing checks to insurance companies was labor-intensive and time-consuming. Delays occurred when signatories were unavailable, particularly during vacation periods. Moreover, the requirement for specialized ink for check printing added complexity to the process. The most significant challenge was the interception and alteration of checks in the mail, resulting in the need for an alternative payment solution.

Discovering InsurePay

Merit Insurance Brokers found InsurePay through an email campaign and discussions with InsurePay’s representative, Mike. The initial setup and integration with their agency management system were straightforward, and Merit Insurance Brokers was soon able to streamline their payment processes.

Transitioning to InsurePay

The transition to using InsurePay was smooth for Merit’s staff. They appreciated the simplicity of the process, as it only required a change in payment method from issuing standard checks to using InsurePay. The elimination of the need for specialized ink and the enhanced security of electronic payments were welcomed by the team.

Significant Value Delivered by InsurePay

InsurePay brought significant value to Merit Insurance Brokers. It allowed for secure and efficient payments to insurance companies, ensuring timely and accurate transactions. The elimination of paper checks reduced costs associated with courier services and materials. The increased security of electronic payments protected their trust account and clients’ funds.

Why Recommend InsurePay

Carolyn highly recommends InsurePay to other insurance organizations. The standout feature for her is the seamless payment process, with the added benefit of error detection and correction by InsurePay. The security and efficiency of the service make it an ideal choice for agencies seeking a reliable payment solution.

Favorite Aspects of Working with InsurePay

One of Carolyn’s favorite aspects of working with InsurePay is the accessibility of their team. They are always available for assistance, and their proactive approach helps in identifying and resolving potential errors before they become issues. Additionally, Carolyn appreciates that the product suits their needs perfectly, making it an amazing service.

A Shift Away from Traditional Methods

Carolyn expresses disbelief that anyone would still be printing checks and statements, given the efficiency and security offered by InsurePay. She recounts the interception and alteration of checks in the past and emphasizes the importance of safeguarding trust accounts and ensuring timely payments to insurance companies.

In conclusion, Merit Insurance Brokers’ successful adoption of InsurePay has not only streamlined their payment processes but also enhanced security and efficiency. Carolyn’s recommendation of InsurePay serves as a testament to its value in the insurance industry.