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First Insurance's Revolution with InsurePay Premium Payments

David Caringi, the Chief Sales Officer at First Insurance Funding of Canada, spearheads an organization committed to providing comprehensive payment solutions to Carriers, MGAs, and Agents.

Challenges Before InsurePay

Initially, First Insurance Funding was constrained to offering only single payment options within their broker network. This limitation impeded their ability to deliver flexible and customer-centric payment solutions.

Discovering InsurePay

The transformative partnership with InsurePay marked a turning point. It enabled First Insurance Funding to introduce a comprehensive suite of payment options, significantly enhancing their service offerings.

Transitioning to InsurePay

This transition heralded a major advancement towards automation, user-friendliness, and streamlined reconciliation for clients. InsurePay’s varied payment options facilitated easier management of receivables and bolstered revenue generation.

Impact of InsurePay

InsurePay empowered First Insurance Funding to become a one-stop solution for brokers, providing diverse payment methods like full payments, credit card transactions, and monthly installments. This newfound flexibility significantly improved their market presence in Canada, leading to an increase in quotations and business for their average brokerage clients.

The Future with InsurePay

David expresses excitement about the future, highlighting their decade-long experience and the constant enhancement of their services. The partnership with InsurePay has established First Insurance Funding as a leader in their field, promoting a synergistic and beneficial relationship.


The incorporation of InsurePay into First Insurance Funding’s operations has been transformative. Their innovative payment solutions have simplified the transaction process and are well-aligned with the preferences of their clients and insurers. David anticipates utilizing these advancements for continued innovation and growth in the insurance sector.