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Embedded Payments

Embed easy payments into your insurance applications

InsurePay integrates payment processing capabilities directly into your payment workflows with our low code widget and API.

Introducing our payment widget

Our embeddable payment widget can be seamlessly integrated anywhere within an insurance provider’s digital ecosystem. 

1. Embed it anywhere

Our payment widget is designed for flexibility, allowing you to embed it in various digital touchpoints, enhancing accessibility and user engagement.

2. Customize it

Tailor the widget to match your brand's look and feel. Our flexible design options ensure it integrates smoothly with your existing digital aesthetics.

3. Start collecting payments

Activate the payment widget and start collecting payments instantly. Streamline transactions and provide a secure, efficient payment process for your clients.

Engage policyholders with easy payments

Enhance convenience and flexibility for your policyholders with our comprehensive payment solutions.

Offer multiple payment methods

Eliminate hours of manual cross-checking, reduces errors, and ensure that financial statements are accurate and up-to-date.

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Custom brand experiences

From self-service portals to custom tailored notifications, InsurePay empowers Carriers to align our solutions with their brand.

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From the blog

Discover the benefits of Embedded payments

Embedded payments are swiftly becoming a cornerstone of how businesses streamline transactions and enhance customer interactions. Read more about how Carriers and Agencies are benefiting from them.

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Enhance security & compliance

InsurePay prioritizes security alongside a smooth payment experience. We leverage robust security measures to safeguard your data and financial information, achieving PCI compliance for peace of mind. Focus on managing your insurance, while InsurePay handles secure and hassle-free transactions.