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InsurePay for Agents

The best-in-class payment platform
built for Agents

InsurePay delivers an integrated platform for agents and brokers, streamlining secure premium collections, payables, and seamless reconciliation—all in one place.

Payables automation

Streamline disbursements to your Carrier partners

InsurePay Payables streamlines payables and statements, eliminating paper processes for improved accuracy and efficiency.

Automate your process

Automate disbursements, eliminating paper checks and reducing fraud for a more secure and efficient process.

Seamlessly Integrate into your AMS

InsurePay's one click integration enables agencies to create disbursements directly from their agency management system of choice.

Enhance your reporting

View payment history, monitor pending payments, and produce reports, simplifying reconciliation and tracking for carriers and agencies.

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Solutions for all lines of insurance

Collect, send & manage payments

Platform use cases

Transform your insurance operations

Drive significant value throughout your organization leveraging the automated movement of money and data.

Automated finance

Automate manual processes, grant real-time cash flow visibility, and deliver data insights to supercharge your finance team.

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Tracking and reconciliation

Track payments in real-time and view account history to reconcile premiums, claims, and other financial transactions.

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Customer experience

Increase satisfaction, policy renewals, and win new business with elevated customer experiences.

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Make more informed decisions, enhance policy precision, and drive better underwriting outcomes.

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Reporting & analytics

Stay ahead of the curve and leverage data for enhanced reporting, planning and predictive analytics.

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Streamline claims processing for faster and more accurate settlements.

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Security & compliance

Maintain robust security measures and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

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Workers' Comp

Calculate and collect Workers' Comp premiums based on real-time payroll data with InsurePay Pay-as-you-go.

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Premium Audit

Optimize your premium audits with Pay-as-you-go workers' comp, designed to enhance accuracy, efficiency, and transparency for audit teams.

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Engage policyholders with better payments

Enhance convenience and flexibility for your policyholders with our comprehensive payment solutions.

Flexible payment options

Accommodate various payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay and ACH transfers, catering to diverse customer preferences.

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Custom branded experience

From custom branded portals to custom tailored notifications, InsurePay is built to match your business.

Ease of use

Whether their making a payment, setting up Pay-as-you-go Workers' Comp, or filing a claim, your customers can enjoy hassle-free insurance.

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Integrated with Leading Third-Party Solutions

Seamlessly integrate with leading third party solutions enabling a fluent data exchange and streamlining your end-to-end insurance operations with InsurePay’s sophisticated integration capabilities.

InsurePay Your Way

How organizations like yours use InsurePay

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