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InsurePay for Policyholders

The end-to-end payment platform for your policyholders

Whether your policyholders are paying a bill or filing a claim InsurePay provides a hassle-free, swift, and secure experience ensuring happy customers.

Premium payments

Simplified payments

Streamline the payment process, allowing policyholders to easily manage their insurance premium payments.

Payment methods

Accommodate a range of payment methods including all major credit cards, debit cards, ACH, EFT payments and more. 

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Recurring payments

Automatically deduct payments at regular intervals, ensuring timely and hassle-free insurance transactions.

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Customer experience

Provide a custom branded and streamlined experience across all InsurePay solutions for increased customer satisfaction and trust.

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Offer Pay-as-you-go Workers’ Comp billing to your policyholders, increasing their cashflow while eliminating year-end audit surprises.

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Customer experience

Your brand.
Remarkable experiences.

Policyholders enjoy premium, custom-branded payment solutions tailored to their insurance organizations, offering ease of use and exceptional service. By incorporating your organization’s logo and colors, you ensure a seamless experience for policyholders—whether they are paying a premium, navigating a portal, receiving notifications, or settling a claim.


Streamline Workers’ Comp for policyholders

InsurePay’s Pay-as-you-go automatically calculates and collects Workers’ Comp premiums based on real-time payroll data.

Improve premium accuracy

Premiums are automatically calculated based on real-time payroll data, eliminating large up-front payments and year-end audit surprises.

Simplify payments for you and your clients

Delight your customers with a custom branded portal that offers hassle-free payroll integration and flexible payment options that significantly improve cashflow.

Reduce administrative burden

Spend less time on manual data entry, engage with fewer billing inquiries, and reduce costs associated with audits, adjustments and other tasks.

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Enhance security & compliance

InsurePay prioritizes security alongside a smooth payment experience. We leverage robust security measures to safeguard your data and financial information, achieving PCI compliance for peace of mind. Focus on managing your insurance, while InsurePay handles secure and hassle-free transactions.

InsurePay Your Way

How organizations like yours use InsurePay

First Insurance

Discover how InsurePay revolutionized First Insurance, transforming their payment offering.
Uncover the incredible story of how Merit Insurance revolutionized its payables process with InsurePay.
Explore how Beacon Mutual Insurance Company transformed its Workers' Comp process.

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Integrated with Leading Third-Party Solutions

Seamlessly integrate with leading third party solutions enabling a fluent data exchange and streamlining your end-to-end insurance operations with InsurePay’s sophisticated integration capabilities.