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Integration Partner

Duck Creek

Duck Creek Technologies is a leading provider of comprehensive P&C insurance software and services for insurers of all sizes worldwide.

Product integrations

Pay-as-you-go for Duck Creek Policy & Billing

Unlock the potential of seamless Pay-as-you-go billing with Duck Creek’s Anywhere Enabled Integration (AEI) paired with InsurePay. Carriers on the Duck Creek platform can effortlessly implement our dynamic billing solution in just 7-10 days.


About InsurePay

InsurePay stands as the foremost provider of Pay-as-you-go solutions, particularly within the workers’ compensation sector. Through our cloud-based SaaS platform:

  • Aggregate payrolls swiftly and securely.
  • Accurately calculate, collect, and forward insurance premiums every pay cycle with real-time data.
  • Carriers receive a personalized branded portal, ensuring a consistent and positive user experience for policyholders.
  • Seamless integration with over 2000 payroll providers guarantees a smooth transition to a more dynamic payment approach.
  • Carriers gain insight into the precise premiums for each policyholder’s pay cycle via our safe, branded portal with robust connections to top payroll firms.

Our mission? To provide a straightforward, precise, and adaptable solution that bestows unparalleled cost advantages to carriers, agents, and policyholders alike.

Read the whitepaper

Dive into our transformative white paper as we explore the untapped potential of integration for your business. Seamlessly connect disparate systems, eliminate manual data entry, and unlock a world of automation possibilities. Our comprehensive guide provides actionable insights, practical tips, and real-world examples to streamline workflows, empower decision-making, and fuel accelerated growth.

Read the whitepaper 

Key Features

  • Real-time insights into payroll data and premium adjustments.
  • Swift integration requiring minimal IT efforts.
  • Tailor-made customization options.
  • Immediate generation of year-to-date analytics and trend reports.

Benefits Exclusive to Duck Creek Carriers

  • Zero premium invoicing hassles.
  • Actual premium collection during the policy period.
  • Enhanced accuracy for renewal decisions.
  • Significant reduction in bad debts and uncollectable premiums.
  • Full transparency throughout the policy period.
  • Instantaneous premium adjustments.
  • Augmented policy retention rates.
  • Robust competitive edge.
  • Elevated customer satisfaction levels.
  • Boosted agency loyalty and trust.
  • Diminished policy cancellations and reinstatements.