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InsurePay Pay-as-you-go

Automate your Workers’ Comp Billing Process

InsurePay® Pay-as-you-go calculates and collects premiums automatically each pay cycle, and empowers policyholders to pay over time (for Workers Comp & Benefits).

Policyholder experience

Connect policyholders with an easy to use portal that streamlines reporting and billing while giving them more payment options.

Payroll connections

Seamlessly link policyholders with a vast network of premier payroll providers to streamline reporting and ensure accurate payments.

Flexible payments

Offer policyholders the payment options they expect, including credit cards, ACH transactions, and more.

White label 

Customize your portal with your brand’s identity, offering a personalized solution for a seamless customer experience.

How it works

Getting started is easy

Our platform offers a user-friendly and seamless implementation and integration experience, enabling carriers to enter the market swiftly and effortlessly.

No-code setup

Expedite market entry with a no-code onboarding process. Carriers can input policy data through the provided carrier portal or opt for direct integration with their policy admin systems. Take a look at our existing accelerators for Duck Creek and Guidewire and get started in as little as 7-10 days.

Policyholder onboarding

Automatically inform policyholders via email when a policy is created with an intuitive registration process. Policyholders are guided to setup their payroll reporting method (automatic or manual), payroll cycle and payment method.

Premium calculation & collection

InsurePay Pay-as-you go automatically calculates premium due upon submission of payroll data. When payroll data is received the payment method on file is debited for the amount owed and both parties are notified.

Automate your process

Why organizations choose Pay-as-you-go

Automate your back-office

Automate processes and minimize administrative tasks, saving time and effort for both policyholders and insurers, allowing them to streamline their operations, boost overall efficiency, and devote resources to strategic priorities.

Boost policyholder retention

Ensure fair and accurate premiums based on real-time payroll data. With simplified, automated payments, policyholders experience touchless transactions, increased transparency, and cost efficiency with no hassle yearly audits.

Increase payment accuracy

Reduce the hassle of time-consuming and intrusive manual audits. By automatically tracking and reporting real-time payroll data, policyholders can ensure accurate premium calculations throughout the policy term.

Leverage your data

Access powerful real-time data for informed underwriting decisions, improved risk assessment, and revolutionary insurance practices through seamless AI and machine learning integration, empowering you to stay ahead of competitors.

Flexible payments

Payments made easy

Empower policyholders with the freedom to choose from various payment methods, including credit cards, ACH transfers, and more, ensuring a seamless and secure premium payment experience for enhanced convenience and flexibility.

Payroll reporting

Premier payroll connections

Empower policyholders to effortlessly connect with their preferred payroll providers in just a few clicks, ensuring a seamless, top-tier experience for streamlined payroll reporting and billing precision.

InsurePay Your Way

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