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Premium Payments

Simplified payments for you and your clients

InsurePay® Premium Payments streamlines payments while giving policyholders the payment options they expect. 

Payment options

Give policyholders the options they expect. Accept credit cards, debit cards, ACH transactions, and more.

Payment links

Generate payments links that can be shared with your policyholders in various ways including e-mail and mobile.

Custom Integrations

Integrate our payment gateway into your existing applications or make use of our embeddable widget.

White labeled

Deliver a branded payment experience to your customers, ensuring a consistent transaction process.

How it works

Accept payments, your way

Our platform provides you and your policyholders with various options to pay and get paid.

Payment request links

Generate payment request links that can be sent out in preformatted emails, personalized emails and notifications. When requesting a payment, client details are pre-populated for the policyholder, and they will only need to provide their payment information.

Embedded Payments

Enhance your insurance platform by embedding InsurePay’s premium payment widget with our Embedded Payments solution. This innovative feature allows for unparalleled flexibility, enabling you to integrate our seamless payment system into various aspects of your business, from agent network workflows to your own applications.

‘Pay now’ (Self-serve)

Provide policyholders access to a self-serve payment page via a ‘Pay now’ button that can featured anywhere from your website to your mobile application. Self-serve customers will need to fill out the pre-determined required fields in order to complete a payment.

Build with our API

Harness the power of our API integration, designed to unlock a realm of possibilities for your platform. Whether you’re looking to create custom payment flows, integrate with third-party software, or develop bespoke features tailored to your needs, our API provides the flexibility and scalability required to envision and actualize your objectives.

Empowering benefits

Why organizations choose Premium Payments

Cultivate customer trust

Offer a seamless, transparent, and reliable transaction process, instilling confidence in your customers. Their trust in your platform translates to increased loyalty, higher retention rates, and a positive reputation that attracts potential users.

Pass-through fees

Manage transaction costs by transferring them to the end-user. As a result, you can ensure profitability without absorbing additional expenses, creating a sustainable and transparent pricing model for all stakeholders involved.

Automate recurring payments

Enable customers to set up automated, periodic transactions, enhancing user convenience but also guaranteeing consistent revenue flow. Reduce administrative work, minimize late or missed payments, and foster long-term customer commitment.

Secure data with compliance

Adhere to the industry’s top standards and best practices, ensuring that your data, as well as your customers’, remain protected and confidential. With every transaction, be reassured of a safe, secure, and compliant environment, freeing you to focus on core business operations.

Flexible payments

Payments made easy

Empower policyholders with the freedom to choose from various payment methods, including credit cards, ACH transfers, and more, ensuring a seamless and secure premium payment experience for enhanced convenience and flexibility.

InsurePay Your Way

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