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Premium Refunds

Process premium refunds with InsurePay

Move beyond the manual hassle of paper checks. With InsurePay® Premium Refunds, ensure timely and accurate refunding, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.

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Credit portal

Provide customers direct access to a secure credit portal, where they effortlessly input banking details for refunds.

Refund queue

Efficiently manage and prioritize refund requests, enabling agencies to smoothly request funds from their carrier partners.

Notifications & approval

Maintain transparency with timely email notifications for customers coupled with a robust two-factor approval system.

Secure transactions

After validation, delight customers with prompt refunds directly via ACH transactions, sidestepping potential delays.

How it works

Sending refunds made easy

Our platform offers a user-friendly and seamless implementation and integration experience, enabling carriers to enter the market swiftly and effortlessly.

1. Refund request

Customers contact their refund manager. The manager promptly sends them a secure link to the credit portal.

2. Credit portal

Customers access the portal, seamlessly inputting their banking information, triggering the fund request process.

3. Auto approvals

Funds from carriers activate email alerts for the manager. A robust two-factor system validates each request.

4. Direct refund

Once approved, the refund is swiftly processed, and customers receive their funds via a direct ACH transaction.

Automate your process

Why Agencies choose Premium Refunds

Simplified refund requests

Customers can directly connect with a refund manager, eliminating unnecessary steps and reducing wait times.

Enhanced security

A dual approval process coupled with encrypted portals ensures the integrity and safety of each transaction.

Efficient refund management

With integrated queues and notifications, manage and track refund requests from initiation to completion.

Direct bank transfers

By leveraging ACH transactions, ensure fast and direct refunds to customers, enhancing their overall experience.