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Collect and reconcile agency payments

InsurePay® Reconciliation enables carriers to seamlessly collect and reconcile payments from agency partners, ensuring accuracy and efficiency while fostering trust and operational excellence.

Unified dashboard

Monitor incoming payments, identify discrepancies, and oversee transaction histories in real-time.


Match and reconcile payments automatically, reducing manual oversight and ensuring financial accuracy.

Real-time notifications

Stay informed instantly as agencies authorize payments, and receive immediate notifications to alert you of pending transfers.

Payment reporting

Generate detailed financial reports with a few clicks, offering insights into payment trends, late payments, & more.

Automate your process

Why organizations choose Reconciliation

Efficient transactions

Bypass the delays of traditional checks with a streamlined payment process, accelerating transaction times and boosting efficiency.

Enhance security

Minimize vulnerabilities by safeguarding against counterfeit checks and unauthorized alterations, ensuring every transaction remains genuine and fraud-free.

Improve trust

Foster a secure financial environment, bolstering confidence among partners and clients, and reinforcing your reputation as a trustworthy entity.

Ease of tracking

Digital payment methods offer traceable and organized records, eliminating the clutter of paper trails and offering swift access to transaction histories, simplifying audits and financial reviews.

Unified Solutions

Seamless integrations

InsurePay Reconciliation effortlessly aligns with industry-leading platforms including Duck Creek and Guidewire. Beyond these, our adaptive system is compatible with all major Agency Management Systems (AMS), ensuring a cohesive and streamlined experience for all your reconciliation needs.