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Reporting and analytics

Gain deeper insight into your business

Our platform provides robust reporting and analytics tools tailored to manage every aspect of your insurance payments.

Cross platform reporting capabilities

Whether it’s inbound payments, outbound disbursements, or pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation billing, our advanced analytics offer unparalleled insights and control.

Inbound Payments:

  • Generate detailed reports on payment sources and trends.
  • Analyze reconciliation data to identify discrepancies.
  • Receive automated alerts and summaries for payment delays.

Outbound Payments:

  • Monitor and analyze all payable payment data.
  • Access reports on payment statuses and schedules.
  • Review audit trails for compliance and transparency.


  • Access real-time reports on premiums and payment activities.
  • Integrate payroll data for accurate and comprehensive reporting.
  • Utilize predictive analytics to forecast cash flow needs.
  • Customize reports to manage and analyze policyholder accounts effectively.