Take the Guesswork Out of the Year-End Audit with a Smarter PayGo Solution

InsurePay offers insurance companies a Pay-As-You-Go workers’ compensation solution for policyholders of all sizes. We enable businesses to pay their premiums each pay period based on actual payroll, rather than generated estimates, taking the guesswork out of the year-end audit.

Insurance Carriers:

Offer a True PayGo Solution to Your Customers

InsurePay provides access to actual payroll data from customers so that insurance carriers can finally offer a true PayGo solution. With InsurePay, insurance providers can monitor each of their policyholders’ exact premiums for each pay cycle – all through our secure custom branded portal with direct data connections to leading payroll companies.

Benefits to Carriers:

Reduce operational costs including billing, collections and auditing

Provide real-time access to payroll data

Take advantage of payroll data for more predictable financial reporting, underwriting, commission processing and claims administration

Eliminate collection efforts by accurately monitoring policyholders


Payroll Providers:

Save Your Clients Money and Anxiety

InsurePay is a true PayGo Workers’ Compensation solution for both current and prospective clients. With our smarter platform, business owners can reduce or eliminate down payments and/or deposits and year-end “Audit Anxiety” (the undue stress associated with waiting on your final premium reconciliation in the mail).

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Benefits to Payroll Providers:

Multiple carriers, one process

Simple and flexible payroll reporting

Work with any insurance agent

Exposure to new business



Increase Sales and Improve Retention

Provide your customers with a PayGo solution that helps manage cash flow and reduces exposure at the end-of-the-year audit. InsurePay seamlessly automates premium calculations and billing, providing a superior customer experience and maximizing customer retention.

Benefits to Agents:

Increase sales by offering a competitive product

Help customers manage cash flow and reduce exposure at the end-of-year audit

Improve retention at policy renewal

Reduce servicing

Reduce audit anxiety



Enhance Your Experience with The Most Seamless
PayGo Solution

InsurePay offers policyholders a true PayGo workers’ compensation solution. By basing your premium payments on actual payroll, InsurePay takes the guesswork out of the year-end audit, offering you a much smarter alternative than traditional payment programs with no additional cost.

Benefits to Policyholders:

Reduce or eliminate large down payments which usually range between 20% - 50% of the Total Estimated Premium

Improve cash management by accurately computing premiums and avoiding overpayment or underpayment to carriers

Base premium payments on actual payroll instead of generated estimates and minimize the end-of-year settlement payment

Reduce the risk of unfavorable audits by being completely aware of how much premium is due for each payroll

Eliminate paper check writing with automatic ACH processing that is completely transparent and available for viewing 24/7


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