Companies often adjust or expand their vision or product set as they grow. Unfortunately, these changes can be challenging for employees. Employers may have already started vision-based planning and employee training. The process can feel rushed and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. This is where individual adaptability skills become crucial.

According to Everyday Speech, “by cultivating a growth mindset, building self-awareness, practicing flexibility, and enhancing problem-solving skills, we can develop the skill of adaptability. Embracing uncertainty, seeking new experiences, and building a support network are strategies that can help us navigate change with confidence.”

Preparing Yourself in Advance

As an employee, adapting to upcoming changes is essential. LinkedIn notes that “adapting to a new company culture requires a thoughtful approach. Start by observing and listening to understand the values, norms, and expectations. Build relationships by networking with colleagues and seeking mentorship. Embrace open communication and ask questions to clarify any uncertainties.”

You can prepare yourself by improving your adaptability skills:

  • Be aware of changes in the work environment: Changes, regardless of size, can have a big impact. Take note of significant changes and discuss their impact with management.
  • Develop a mindset focused on growth: Focus on the positive. See challenges as opportunities and be patient. Growth is a process, not a destination!
  • Be prepared – set goals for yourself and follow through: Set daily, weekly, or monthly goals. Follow through on them and reward yourself for completing them.
  • Communicate with management and ask for feedback: Discuss the changes and how you are adapting with your direct manager or supervisor. Ask for feedback and advice.
  • Relax, take a deep breath, and learn to accept the changes: Focus on the bigger picture and understanding the vision. Let go of expectations and take things one day at a time.


How to Be Adaptable to Change and Growth

Once you’ve improved your adaptability skills, it’s time to put them into action. Modern Recovery states that “adapting to change allows us to learn new things, develop new skills, and better understand ourselves and abilities. By stepping outside of our comfort zones and embracing change, we foster personal growth and enhance our sense of self-worth and confidence.”

Change is a natural occurrence in life, both in and outside the workplace. Maintaining a positive attitude helps create a smooth transition. Focus on what you can control and set new goals for yourself. Stay connected with co-workers and maintain an open line of dialogue with management. Be proactive. Ask questions and keep an open mind. Before you know it, the change will have happened, and you will be ahead of the curve!