At the end of January, 2024, the InsurePay team converged on Sedona, AZ to partake in the first ever InsurePay corporate retreat! This was a chance for all the different teams to get together and meet face-to-face, as well as enjoy each other’s company on various excursions and team building exercises. It was also an excellent opportunity for the whole company to Pay-It-Forward.  


 Located in the beautiful central Arizona resort town of Sedona, AZ, The Wilde Resort & Spa, graciously played host to this momentous occasion. Opening their doors to the InsurePay team, as well as their conference rooms, and other various amenities. InsurePay was welcomed with open arms, and we can’t thank the staff enough for all their accommodations.  

Additional thanks are in order, to the team that put this adventure together, without whom none of this would have been possible. Thank you, Sarah Brinton and Mary Wingfelder, you’re both absolute rockstars!  

If the InsurePay corporate retreat in Sedona, AZ, was indicative of how 2024 is going to pan out, things are going to get Wilde! 

Paying it forward

After the first ever in-person town hall meeting, InsurePay employees spent the afternoon paying it forward. Creating motivational cards for the charitable organization, Project Smile AZ . These cards not only bring smiles, but offer hope and encourage positive mental health to those in need.  

According to the Mental Health Foundation’s Kindness Matters Guide, “Acts of kindness have the potential to make the world a happier place.”  

All work and no play, makes for a very lackluster work environment

InsurePay employees also spent time getting to know their co-workers. Bonding and creating life-long friendships, while exploring Sedona together. Whether it was golfing, sight-seeing, horseback riding, or wine tasting, there was no shortage of fun and adventure! 

The road ahead

Having a job you love is a true blessing. You wake up energized and excited to tackle your daily responsibilities. Working with people who are like-minded helps to cultivate an atmosphere of support, where individuals care for each other’s growth and well-being. When you manage to incorporate loving your job and working with like-minded individuals, the sky’s the limit!  

As the InsurePay team reflected on our time in Sedona, the breathtaking Arizona sunrises and sunsets over the mountains served as daily reminders of renewal and inspiration. These moments of natural beauty underscored our experiences, encouraging us to embrace the year ahead with the same warmth, brilliance, and transformative potential that each new day brings.

sedona sunset