These are our people. This is our culture.

Finding the right balance between attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors can be tricky. However, that’s exactly what a work culture is. When employee behavior and company policy align with the goals of the business, you have tapped into the best of both worlds and created a balanced work culture. By prioritizing employee’s well-being, and providing support, you begin to foster a positive work culture. This is what we strive for at InsurePay. A place where employees feel encouraged, trusted, respected, and shown empathy.


Words of Wisdom.

Coworker Words of wisdom

Encouragement goes a long way.

Encouraging other employees to try their hardest, do their best, and live their best lives is important. Daily quotes, words of wisdom, random fun facts, and even Star Wars trivia have graced our employee social chat! BetterUp notes that “Building a virtual team starts with picking the right team members. Then it’s all about fostering clear and open communication in an environment of trust.”


Josee and Phinla are notorious for sharing daily mantras and bringing smiles to the group.  


Virtual workplace interaction at its finest!

Social interaction plays a key role in the success of a virtual workplace. A virtual workplace is successful when employees are happy, well-adjusted, and able to communicate effectively. According to Flexjobs, Making communication a priority, is one of the top 7 traits of a successful virtual team. “From providing a variety of communication tools (like instant messaging, email, and video meeting platforms) to keeping your team in the loop on your own communication preferences, communicating often and well should be a top priority.”

Sarah and the Culture Committee bring employees together for weekly games. These are a way to unwind, let loose, and have some fun. They’re also a great way to get to know your co-workers!

Teams sharing caring

We’re all human.

It’s easy to lose sight of what’s going on around us. More so in a virtual environment. We don’t see our co-workers face-to-face to discuss our daily lives. We often miss out on celebrating milestones or showing support in times of struggle. According to Forbes, “Empathy can help support motivation and workplace culture. It encourages you to step into another person’s shoes and adopt their point of view. But adopting another’s point of view can be difficult when you’re working remotely. With almost every industry taking the virtual route to some degree, building pro-empathy workplaces should be a high priority.”

Empathy is one thing we are not shot on at InsurePay. From the company president to the entry- level employee, everyone is shown the same respect and compassion.


Recognition & Praise!

Coworker Recognition and praise

Initiating a remote culture of recognition.

Another key component is a successful virtual workplace is recognition. Spontaneous recognition and meaningful feedback are often overlooked in a virtual setting. Gallup states that “Many remote workers — even while still employed — are likely to feel adrift, lost, forgotten in their new work environment.” This can lead to poor performance, and higher employee turn-over rates. Initiating a remote culture of recognition is an easy way to show employees that they play an important role in the grand scheme of things.

Recognizing work anniversaries, praising employees for a job well done, and giving kudos to those trying their hardest is something we can all do! It’s easy – Just open the People and Culture tab in Teams and click the “Praise” button.


Win as a team


Establishing the elements of a winning culture takes intention and commitment, but the return is uncapped.  


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